Dr. Reem Abdulrahman Sairafi

BDS,MClinDent, Endodontist

2000 Bachelor of Dental sciences (BDS) from King
Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2006 Master of Science (MSc) in Prosthetic Dentistry
from University college of London, Eastman Dental
Institute, London, United Kingdom.
2010 Master of Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) in
Endodontics from University College of London,
Eastman Dental Institute, London, United Kingdom.
2011 Lecturer and Clinical supervisor in
Prosthodontics Department in Riyadh Elm University
2016 Saudi Board In Endodontics, SCFHS, Saudi
2016-2018 Clinical supervisor in Endodontic
Department in Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman
2016-2019 worked as the Head of the Endodontic

Department in King Saud Medical city, Ministry of
Health, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2016- present Instructor in the Saudi Board Endodontic
Currently working as a consultant in Endodontic and
Chairman of the Special needs Dental Department in
King Saud Medical City, Ministry of Health, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia

11.00PM - 12.00 AM

Wednesday Day 1, 6th May

Intrusion; the dilemma between the published guidelines and the clinical scenarios

Short Abstract:

As Intrusion is the most complicated displacement injury
of permanent teeth. Clinical guidelines published by
authorities such as American Association of Endodontists,
the Royal College of surgeons of England and the
International Associations of Dental Traumatology are
inconsistent. While a certain amount of inconsistency
might be expected, some of these guidelines recommend
treatments that are experimental or have not incorporated
research information. Authorities’ clinical guidelines
available on the internet provide the clinician with useful
outlines for treatment. A review of the literature, and case
reports will be presented to show how every case
response differently based on the time of the management
and on the intrusion prognostic factors.